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Civil Rights Era

Lyndon B. Johnson - Civil Rights Act

Eric Garner

Nirvana Tree - Atlanta's Black Business Directory established by Digitize Us of Finlay Technologies LLC.

Nirvana Tree was established by Digitize Us of Finlay Technologies LLC as a digital tool for black owned businesses in the Metro-Atlanta area to utilize for networking, marketing, and information. It is the mission of Nirvana Tree to empower the black dollar by encouraging a network of support from entrepreneurs and like minded individuals through the spread of knowledge, resources, and comradery.

According to the “Report of the Power of the African-American Consumer” the African-American community has spending power that is valued at 1.1 trillion dollars.

Despite this potential, African American are subjected to social injustices that include but are not limited to; higher cases of police brutality leading to the deaths of unarmed black men, an increasing school to prison pipeline, and a justice system that convicts African-Americans at higher rates that their white counterparts.

Economic empowerment in the African-American community will lead to a decrease in national unemployment, an increase in funding for education, and most importantly it will eliminate the dependency upon the justice system to police the communities.

Many scholars of history agree that history repeats itself. An examination of the plight of African-Americans in this country reveals that many of the social issues that take place today were also prevalent during the Civil Rights Era (1954-1968). One of the most effective strategies that led to the Civil Rights Act (President Lyndon B. Johnson – 1964) was the Bus Boycott (1955-1956). In addition to boycotting the transit systems across the south, African-Americans met on historic grounds such as the SCLC headquarters on Auburn Avenuein Atlanta, Georgia to offer alternative options for transportation.

This directory of options is now easier to achieve than ever. Nirvana Tree is a directory that seeks educate, provide a platform for networking, and to serve as a sense of pride.


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